Run Like Our Ancestors: Exploring Natural Running

Natural running, also known as barefoot running or forefoot running, is gaining traction among enthusiasts for its emphasis on a more primitive running style and potential health benefits. Proponents believe it can lead to a more efficient and injury-resistant running form. Traditionally, running shoes have been designed with a focus on cushioning, particularly in the […]

Stepping Up to the Plate: A Guide to Effective Marathon Training

The allure of the marathon, a 42.2 km test of physical and mental fortitude, beckons many runners. But conquering this iconic distance requires more than just logging miles. A well-rounded training program lays the foundation for success, encompassing not only running but also strength training, proper nutrition, recovery strategies, mental preparation, and the strategic use […]

Roll the Metal: Why Weight Training is Important for Marathon Runners

Many marathon runners focus solely on running, neglecting the importance of strength training. However, weight training is a crucial component of a well-rounded marathon training program. Here’s why: How Much Weight Training Should Marathon Runners Do? It is recommended that marathon runners do weight training two or three times a week for 25-35 minutes per […]

Pose running technique: a beginner’s guide

The popularity of running as a leisure pursuit has increased throughout the past 25 years, reflecting social trends away from organised team sports and towards less time-consuming, more flexible and independent ways of keeping fit and active. Over the same time period, there has been an explosion in sports science and sports injury research and […]

The Marathon Running Form

Conquering a marathon distance requires not only physical endurance but also efficient running form. Every stride counts over 42.2 km, so optimizing your running form can significantly enhance your performance and prevent injuries. Here, we delve into key elements of proper running form for marathon runners: Posture and Lean Foot Strike and Stride Length Arm […]

Ouch, My Knee Hurts: The Runners Knee

Running is a popular exercise with numerous health benefits, but it can also place significant stress on the knees. This article explores the effects of running on knee cartilage, potential injuries, and strategies to promote recovery and maintain healthy knees. The knee joint is a complex structure that bears significant weight during running. The repeated […]

Not All Runs are the Same: Explaining Various Running Workouts for Long-Distance Runners

It appears that middle and long-distance runners are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to the sort of running workouts at their disposal. This article explains diverse running workouts that can be beneficial for middle and long-distance runners. Sample Workout Schedule Here is a general guideline for incorporating these workouts into your training program: […]

Correctly Setting Your Marathon Time Goal

How fast can you run a marathon? This is a question that plagues many marathon runners, both new and experienced. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as many factors affect marathon finish times. In this article, we explore how to use online calculators and other considerations to set a realistic marathon time goal. Online Marathon Pace […]

Overtraining Syndrome (OTS): The Fitness Abyss

What is Overtraining? The fitness world loves acronyms, and overtraining syndrome (OTS) is a common term one of the expressions one is likely to find. It describes a condition that occurs when an athlete or fitness enthusiast trains too hard and doesn’t allow their body adequate recovery time.  Overtraining syndrome (OTS) lurks in the shadows […]