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The Black Star Marathon kicks off on July 27th, 2024 at the Black Star Square in Accra. The full 42.2 kilometer marathon will take runners through many different neighborhoods of Accra.

Starting at Black Star Square, the full marathon runs through the Nyaniba Estates, Cantonments, the Airport Residential Area, Abelenkpe, 
North Kaneshie, Abosseyokai, Mamprobi, and James Town, before finishing back at the Black Star Square. 

Other races, including the 21.1 km Half marathon, the 10 km fun run, or the youth 5 km race, will take shorter routes around the city, with Black Star Sqaure as the finish line.

For runners seeking guidance in practicing for the event, please see the Training Resources page. This chart will provide the pace you need to run at in order to reach a target finishing time. 

Training Resources

Are you ready to take on the ultimate running challenge and run a marathon? Whether it’s your first time or you want to improve your personal best, you need a solid training plan that suits your ability level and goals. This section contains training plans and schedules for beginners, intermediate and the advanced/elite runner

Registration Process

Register for the various race categories in the 2024 Black Star Marathon, which attracts thousands of runners and spectators every year. Find out how you can register for the 2024 edition and join the fun.

Volunteer Details

If you’re not interested in running but still want to participate, the Black Star Marathon is accepting volunteers! There are positions available for all skill levels, ages 14 and up. 

Volunteers make up the backbone of the Black Star Marathon. Support from volunteers means the Black Star Marathon can be as best as possible for runners and the community attending the event.

Without volunteers, we would not be able to host this amazing event. Register to volunteer today!


Considering volunteering at the Black Star Marathon? There’s no better way give back to society, connect with your community, and get inspired. Register to volunteer with the link below!

Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteering can be a deeply rewarding experience, but volunteers must follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and risk-free environment for runners and attendees.