10 KM Mass Run, Walk, Jog

Are you ready to have a blast and stay healthy at the same time?

The Black Star Marathon invites you to join its special 10km mass run for men and women. This is not just a run, it’s a party on the move and a festival of running. You can walk, jog, dance, sing, or do whatever you like along the 10km route. You can also make this a fun family event by bringing your family and friends along to make it a memorable day.

The Black Star Marathon is passionate about promoting healthy living among the general population through regular physical activity. We believe that exercising can be fun and enjoyable for everyone. That’s why we created this 10km mass run, walk, or cavort [Ghana-style “Jama”] as part of our program to help you burn some calories and keep fit. You will also get to experience the beauty and culture of select communities in Accra as you pass by some of its landmarks and attractions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this amazing event and have fun while staying healthy.

Register now and join the Black Star family. Together, we can make history.